Meet the Team



I’m Leah Ariel. I’ve always had a passion for photography and decided to make it my full-time business in order to work from home while raising my son. I chose to make professional headshots my primary focus because I really enjoy helping other business professionals succeed in their dreams. My goal is always to have a great time at my photoshoots getting to know more about my clients and their goals in life and business.

My work has been featured in The Virginian-Pilot, Inside Business, CBN, and Regent University Online.

I’m so excited to work with you!

Leah Ariel Wallace



I’m Rachel, Leah’s Executive Assistant and the best sister ever! Being homeschooled allows me to work with the family business. My job in the business is basically to step in wherever I’m needed. Whether it be coming along to a family session to make the children laugh or attend networking meetings to make valuable connections. I love all styles of art but am leaning towards a future in graphic design. One way I stay connected in the artist community in Hampton Roads is by being a member of Virginia Art with Heart.
I look forward to meeting you!


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